Short Sentences For Beginners



Come Here Vhare Ana
I am Coming I bade
Where Are You Coming From? E Bu Za Bhade?
Where Are You Going To? E Bu Ye?
I Am Going To The Market I yaki
Please Go Tsee Thera
Let Us Move Mha Khia
I Am On The Move Okhia Li Ya
Shift To The Other Side Chi Ke Oboi
Let Us Shift This Table Mha Chi Oni Akpeh Na
Where Are You Running To E Bu Na Ye
He Ran Past His House O Na Node Ikho Ni Tsoi
Where Did It Begin E Boza Gbare
Wait For Me Khe Mhe
Stop There Nwogba Elei
Stand Up Kpaoto Mwuza
Give It To me The Ya Mhe
Go And Take La Thue
Bring It Here Thore A Na
Please Sit Down Tsee Gheto
He Has Gone To Lie Down O Khe A Deghue
He Is Sleeping E Mho Ghue
Are You Talking To Me? Ughi Mhe Mme?
What Did He Say? E Bo Gwe?
Let Him Tel What Happened Zo Gwere E Ma Mie
Come Let Us Discuss Bhare Mha Neta
Don't Listen To Our Discussion Kha Thewoo Yo Ma Ineta
Did You Hear Me? U So Ebi Gwe
He Was Asked To Shut Up Emha Yoi Vuno
Close The Door Khuno No Ode
Let Me Ask You A Question Mhe No E Ogbo
Will You Give Me The Answer? Ua Tho Wanye Ya Mhe?
What He Said Is True E Mio Gwere Ughiemho O
There Is No Truth In Him Emhotso Oyio Uno
I Am Hungry Osamhi Ogbe Mhe
Will You Eat? Ua Le Ema?
What Food Will You Eat? Ema Me Uale?

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