1200 Etsako Names And Meaning

Male Names


Aanemhe None is greater than me
Abiabekha None reject success
Achakhobo Acha is a whiteman
Adenomo A child cannot be changed
Adoghie Chieftaincy is not purchased
Adonoghie A ruler should not be changed
Afegbua Family will not kill one
Agbaunosi No one goes against the wish of God
Azemoobo Let us leave each other
Aziku Leave me alone
Azimeye Let me live
Dokpesi (Idokpesi) Secretly close to my angel
Ebiade As I did not fall
Idaewo I do not listen to gossip
Ide I won't fall
Idodo Flower
Idonije I will not err before rulers
Ife I am famous
Igbiti I am stoic
Oboareye Hand is used for living
Obofe Hand produces fame
Obozokha Hand creates success
Oduwa Carrier of wealth
Osiano From God we ask
Osikhuemhe God sanctified me
Osirenua God is the giver
Umodumhe Foreigners cannot move me
Unuevho Decision of the town
Uwaoghena Wealth of God
Vhazemeye You people should let me live

Female Names


Abakhue How else could one be clean
Aghumeilei I only know my mind
Akhagboke If we ask the world to distribute
Ofe Grace
Ojo First born of twins
Omo Second born of twins
Omone Child is greater

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