Etsako Language Research & Development Centre

Is duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria for the purpose of developing the Etsako language as a central language for the Afemai people.

The Centre is determined to sustaining the Afemai language by providing textbooks and other literary materials to be studied in schools from nursery to tertiary institutions. It aims at developing the language to be able to compete with any language in the Universe.

So far, a remarkable feat of numeral is on display in the book ETSAKO NEW NUMERALS AND WORDS. The book has broken the limitation of the old Etsako numeral we inherited from our ancestors. Before now our counting ended in hundred. The new innovated numeral as displayed in the book, has placed us among indigenous language that can count above trillion.

Etsako numerals today has reached the peak of three thousand and four digit figure. We have produced books for use for primary, secondary and tertiary institution which have been approved for school use by the Edo State Government, Ministry of Basic Education.

Our Aims

To research into the various dialects in Afemai with the purpose of resuscitating our language and culture which is fast going into extinction.

Etsako Language Research and Development Centre has produced books, to train teachers, give public lectures, and teach the language on radio and television for the purpose of motivating the people’s interest.

Our Objectives

To Develop a Central Language For The Afemai People.


We need sponsors - Corporate, Unions, Clubs, Individuals for:

  • Radio and Television teaching of the language.

  • Research into the culture and tradition of the afemai people.

  • Help support Etsako Language Research and Development Centre.

  • Send useful information about afemai culture and tradition to the centre.

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