Afemai Language Advisory Board

Afemai Language Advisory Board was recently formed to advise Etsako Language Research and Development Centre on the development of a Central Language and have materials for teaching Mother Tongue in Edo North as mandated by the Edo State Government.

There is no doubt that Afemai has a language problem and it is likely all the dialects would go into extinction if steps are not taken to preserve it now. That is why a Central Language is considered to be the only solution to sustaining the dying dialects.

Quoting a renown Linguist Professor Ben Elugbe in his contribution of “National Language and National Development” to Language Policy in Nigeria, he wrote: “a national language is a symbol of national oneness, of achievement of independence and nationhood” and also wrote “it would be embarrassing at this stage of our political development to continue to use English alone” as the lingual franca, and this is applicable to Afemai also.

There is no doubt that Afemai people are linguistically one family whose scores of dialects need to be reduced into a language and develop writing materials in them. This is the reason a Language Board has to be constituted to assist Etsako Language Research and Development Centre to improve the works.

The duties of the Afemai Language Advisory Board are:

  1. To develop a standard orthography if what is in use before now is considered not perfect.
  2. Selection of the basic standard thought to be central enough.
  3. Specification of operational demarcation of boundaries between related language and their dialects.
  4. Evolve a spoken standard and unify variety of the dialects.
  5. Geographical distribution of dialects.
  6. The Central Language to be expanded to accommodate the various terminologies arising from modern science and technology.
  7. Promotion of the Central Language to the status of official language.

Advisory Board Members

Members of the Board are:

  • Professor U.M.O. Ivowi, (Ag. Chairman).
  • Dr. John Edemode (Secretary).
  • Professor Sam Ifidon.
  • Professor Marcel Okhakhu.
  • Professor Dele Sani.
  • Professor Paul Idonigie.
  • Professor Peter Abu.
  • Professor Ben Ugheoke.
  • Dr. Evelyn Idiodi
  • Dr. S. G. Eshotse.
  • Mr. Greg Enegwea.

Our Aims

To research into the various dialects in Afemai with the purpose of resuscitating our language and culture which is fast going into extinction.

Etsako Language Research and Development Centre has produced books, to train teachers, give public lectures, and teach the language on radio and television for the purpose of motivating the people’s interest.

Our Objectives

To Develop a Central Language For The Afemai People.


We need sponsors - Corporate, Unions, Clubs, Individuals for:

  • Radio and Television teaching of the language.

  • Research into the culture and tradition of the afemai people.

  • Help support Etsako Language Research and Development Centre.

  • Send useful information about afemai culture and tradition to the centre.


Solomon Jegede Enaboakpe
Solomon Jegede Enaboakpe was born on 22nd April 1957 at Iviari - Agenebode, Edo State, Nigeria.

He is the CEO, HEPA LTD, founder of ETSAKO LANGUAGE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT CENTER, author of over 30 books, a successful business man. Solomon is an importer, author, a student of Philosophy (University of Ibadan), had Diploma in English (Unilag), certificate in Marketing and Advertising. Solomon Enaboakpe is married with children.

His desire to develop and promote Etsako language started in his early days at St. John's College, Fugar (1971- 1975). His first book titled “Whetstone Etsako Dictionary” translating Etsako words to English (not published) was written in 1973 at the age of 16years. He started research to expand and develop the stunt numerals of the Afemai people. He was able to advance Etsako Numerals from its limit of 20 to 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 (Quintillion) in his first book ETSAKO NEW NUMERALS AND WORDS launched at the National Theatre lganmu, Lagos on 1st May 2004.

It is the first indigenous numeral to count up to quintillion. Afemai counting has been advanced to the zenith in a new book “Etsako Numerals and Large Numbers” which reads Thousand to Millinillion (3004 digits)

Mrs. Yvonne Jegede Fawole

She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Jegede Enaboakpe, the initiator of this programme. Yvonne is a philanthropist, a successful actress, cum producer and has acted over 50 rated Films in Nigeria.

She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in International Relations from the American University, Cyprus after she had her Diploma in Law, from the Lagos State University. She is the MD/CEO of M.M.I. Productions LTD.

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