In order to revive and promote Afemai language, this website is presented by Etsako Language Research And Development Centre (ELRDC). The centre is poised to the preservation and growth of Afemai language and culture. The dialects in Afemai are complex and not in conformity. There is no one acceptable dialect as the general Afemai language as the three major languages in Nigeria do. This complexity fueled the desire of the Research Centre to develop a standard language out of the various dialects in Afemai.

The development of a standard language is to modernize Afemai mother tongue which requires the expansion of the lexicon by harnessing the various dialects, creation and adoption of new words in order to enable the language cope with the demands of abstract and precise notion needed in this century's language. The developed Afemai mother tongue will be introduced in the curricula and be used as language of instruction in the Senatorial District. Then, majority of speakers should be aware of their responsibility in rehabitating and elevating their language through constant use.

We must agree that there is one language (which is Etsako) that is majorly spoken in Afemai, though adulterated from clan to clan. These clanish adulterated language is here harmonized to bring out the developed ETSAKO LANGUAGE to be used as the general language of the Edo North. The developed Etsako language now have literary books from E.L.R & D.C for indept teaching. It has created a platform for learning of Afemai language in schools both locally & internationally. The text books, Dictionaries will enable those in the diaspora to have materials for teaching and learning Etsako language. The language is already positioned to enable Afemai Scholars translate effectively the desired Etsako (Language) Bible and other books relevant to our people in our mother tongue.

Etsako language is developed to be comprehensive to take care of every aspect of life. The centre is obeying on the word of God in Genesis 2:19 which instructs, we name whatever God or man created. After all, whatever name that is a subject matter today was given by man and not angel. Our forefathers who were illiterate gave names, developed the language to the level which we use today; it is now imperative that we advance our mother tongue beyond where our ancestors stopped. Start to learn the developed Etsako language today.

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